Dear TV Shows, Please Shut Up About Science

I can tell I’m tired and depressed, because I’m not able to ignore TV’s stupid statements about scientific topics right now. Tonight’s offender is Bones.

Booth: …God does not make mistakes.

Angela: I dunno. Putting testicles on the outside didn’t seem like such a good idea.

It’s not up there with “we only use ten percent of our brains” (I’m looking at you, Eureka!), but gah!

6 thoughts on “Dear TV Shows, Please Shut Up About Science

  1. What’s wrong with that statement? Seems to me she’s got a point. Sure, the testes are on the outside for a reason–but why make sperm so heat-sensitive in the first place? After all, the ovaries are on the inside, and that all works out fine. (Well, as “fine” as you can call the female reproductive system, which isn’t very.)

  2. Her point is a convoluted groin-kick joke. Given that spermatozoa are sensitive to heat sensitive, having the testes away from the body makes sense. If you want to argue about spermatozoa heat sensitivity, fine — but that’s not what the TV character was arguing at all. Her statement ignores any reason for the placement short of providing fodder for America’s Funniest Crotch-Whomping Videos.

  3. So, see, here’s the thing–that isn’t science! You said it yourself. Social scientist that I am, I just laughed! But I DO understand the tired and depressed part. Calls for a change of focus–to, say, the beach!

  4. There are so many things to complain about regarding Bones that I don’t think this even merits a sigh. “Ten percent of our brains,” on the other hand, causes me to throw the remote.

    (I watch Bones religiously every week.)

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