Surprise! Stuff Happens All at Once!

So I went to the doctor on Tuesday and all is well with Baby TBA. Heatbeat is normal and my next appointment is January 2, when we will potentially find out the baby’s gender. I’ve been thinking of it as a boy in my head (and mostly out loud) but I don’t really care what it is as long as he/she gets here in a timely fashion and whole. My due date is still the second week in May. I lost two pounds last month due to vomiting and only gained one this month. The nurse was somewhat impressed with that number as I was just coming off the week of Thanksgiving. I would have posted that sooner but our internet was down at the beginning of the week.

And also, I have jobs! Real paying jobs! More than one, at once! Pardon me while I pass out from the hyperventilation.

My Kindermusik-ing sister-in-law commissioned me to do some stuff for her business, which I suppose I should ask her if I can post here to show us both off. I also have a logo commission I’m working on as well as very large Word document that I’m spiffing up for a friend of a friend from church. And I’m happy to say that after this week, I have caught up on all three projects and am waiting to hear back from two of them so I can continue work. How do I always manage to get busy right at Christmas?

I decided to do a medium-sized crafty project for someone’s Christmas gift. So after working out some details last night, Eli and I hauled it to Hobby Lobby this morning to collect some supplies. I, of course, over spent but I’m thinking that I’ll be able to return multiple items. Or I might just keep them and have Christmas supplies for the next project that hits me.

I’ve also managed to get some housework done this week, attend a birthday party for one of Eli’s friends, and get a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done. On Mother’s Morning Out mornings this week I went to the doctor, chiropractor, and dentist, got my haircut, and still had time to help do some Christmas decorating at the church. It’s amazing what a person can accomplish when they don’t feel like dog food 90% of the time.

Hallelujah! Second Trimester!

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