How Do You Save Memories from Your Travels?

We have two trips planned after the first of the year. One to Phoenix to see some friends that used to live here. The other one to Boston to visit friends that we normally vacation with in the summer but because of Baby TBA won’t be able to see this next summer. I’m excited about both trips because I’ve not ever been to AZ and the time I’ve spent in Boston mostly consisted of the airport, the hotel, and the main office of the company I used to work for.

I haven’t gotten to travel a lot in my life. In fact the bulk of my travel has happened since I’ve been married to Stephen. (He is cosmopolitan in that way.) But when we do go places I always like to pick up a souvenir. When I was younger, I always got a t-shirt, even if I didn’t go on the trip. This accounts for the rather large number of Hard-Rock CafĂ© shirts I owned at one time.

These days my souvenirs typically take two forms. One is jewelry. I like to pick up stuff that is “native” if possible or at the very least, made by a local artist. If that’s not an option, I like to pick up something that I know I’ll wear a lot and when I do, remember the time I spent at Spot X.

My very favorite necklace came to me this way. The silver one with the colored beads that I wear all the time? I got that on Ocracoke Island when we went to the Outer Banks with Stephen’s parents. That was a fun trip. Stephen got to fly his kite A LOT. It was very cold but we got to ride the ferry to Ocracoke. (Ferry rides are another must have, if available option, for my travels.) And the fog was beautiful. We played a lot of games and in general had a great vacation. I think of those things or something from that trip, nearly every time I put it on.

The other thing I like to pick up on my travels is a squished penny. I don’t have many just because I only get one when I happen to be someplace and there is a machine handy. (I don’t seek them out. Although I just found a website that reports locations so that may change.) This is a nice souvenir option because they are so small. I even had them hot glued to my computer for a while so I could see them all the time.

Eli found my collection this morning and I decided that you, my friends, needed something to marvel at this cold morning. So here is my souvenir squished penny collection:

The Las Vegas coins that started it all.

Ocracoke Island (yes, that’s the same trip I got the necklace on) and Chicago, IL (Just this summer. Sam and Eli had a blast sleeping at the aquarium!)

Nashville and Little Rock. Easy ones to get, I know but the Little Rock Zoo one is the first zoo Eli’s ever been to.

You can visit the Squished Penny Museum Site to learn more about this hobby. By the way, it is legal. And then tell me how you celebrate your travels. I’m excited to hear so I have other things to collect!