Three Cool Things

1. This morning as I was checking my email, Eli climbed up into my lap and demanded to watch videos. He meant the videos that Stephen posted this past Friday. We always watch them at some point and he deemed this morning would be video morning. So we watched both of the “Such Great Heights” options and as he was sitting in my lap and bobbing his head in time to the music I thought to myself that there wasn’t many other things better than sharing something that you love with your kid. It was a really nice moment.

2. I got a letter this afternoon. An actual, in the mail, with a stamp, someone sat down and wrote to me long hand, kind of letter and it was great. A really thoughtful thing for a far off friend to do and I am very appreciative of it. Touched and feeling really blessed over it, actually.

3. Stephen got a phone call tonight from some friends in Durham. They are moving to AZ and wanted to know if we could see them when we come in January. Wow! A really nice surprise there. So when we go to Phoenix next month it will be non-stop friend visiting action. I’m pretty excited about that too.

So I’ve had a good day. I hope some good things happened to you today as well.

7 thoughts on “Three Cool Things

  1. Geof: Your better day is coming, I just got your Christmas present in the mail today!

    Sean: Stephen is going to put you in touch with our Tucson friends so we can work on our share the friend plan.

  2. My day yesterday was great also. I got a birthday present from my best friend with a cool frog card!

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