Cataloging the Granade Library: Part 3

I’m trying to break up the scanning/input of ISBN codes into reasonable parcels, sections that can get done in one sitting/day. This is mostly so I can feel as if I’ve accomplished something at the end of the session and have tidbits to report here. I have the large built-in bookcases in the living room that I’m not looking forward to and they will probably be last. However, the bright spot in that is that those, for the most part, are our newest “prettiest” books so all the bar codes on them should work. Unlike today’s scanning, which where all children’s books and for your information, NONE of the bar codes on kid’s books work! Nearly every single one of them had to be typed by hand. Arg!

  • 514 total books scanned.
  • 147 books scanned (hand-typed, whatever) today.
  • All 147 live in Eli’s room.
  • Eli’s count: 144 total.
  • My count: 99 total. Eli’s room holds some of my children’s books that I bought before he came along.
  • No discards today!
  • Rooms finished: Kitchen, Eli’s Room, possibly the office.
  • Children’s books with high resale value: Like Butter on Pancakes. Retail Price: $5.99. Current Value: $45.97. This book was already out of print when I had Stephen’s dad find it for me two years ago and now it’s so very, very out of print. It’s probably my favorite kid’s book.
    All I See. This is actually one of my books by one of my favorite children’s author: Cynthia Rylant. Retail Price: $6.95. Current Value: $24.96.

Are you guys finding this interesting or dull? I am enjoying posting what I find but if you guys are bored to tears, I’ll just keep it to myself. I know the resale value thing is sort of odd. I know the numbers are somewhat arbitrary, but it’s kinda fun to think about the books that I enjoy actually being worth something.