Cataloging the Granade Library: Part 5

While Stephen is poking at the new electronic thingie we bought ourselves for Christmas, I decided to scan the Christmas books.

  • 700 total books scanned.
  • 22 books scanned today.
  • Stephen’s count: 395 total.
  • My count: 140 total.
  • Eli’s count: 164 total. The kid got 18 books for Christmas!?!?!
  • Baby TBA’s count: 2. The kid isn’t even here yet. But he/she has books!
  • Borrowed Books I found out that I didn’t return: Alana: 1, I swear I thought that Donald Miller book was mine. Wishful thinking, obviously.
  • Books returned to me: 1 from Stephen’s mom. I didn’t even know I owned this book. Bonus!
  • I took back 15 books and we managed to lug home 22. It is officially a losing battle.

4 thoughts on “Cataloging the Granade Library: Part 5

  1. At least by returning my book, you will get rid of one more, right?

    I’m glad I decided on bath stuff for Eli instead of a book for Christmas!

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