It’s a…


We’re having a foot! Actually, it’s still a baby with all the usual parts. There was just a foot in the way of one particular part that we kinda wanted to see today. But all is well and he/she is healthy. I gained two pounds and considering the baby weighs 1.5, I think that’s pretty good. My doctor says we can check for gender next month when I’m in, if their schedule isn’t too far behind.

Here as some photos:

6 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. Hooray! You are having a foot.

    In honor of this occassion, I think I am going to read the Foot Book (I’ve never read it before).

  2. Yes, there is a person in there and he/she announces that with his/her feet to my diaphragm about every half hour. Man can this one kick!

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