Let the Nesting Begin

I have returned from our Christmas holiday in Arkansas with much energy and a dedicated spirit to cleaning out all nooks and crannies of our house.

My super step-mom gave me a huge bag full of clothes in hopes of staving off me having to buy maternity clothes. I vowed that I would clean out my closet before any new clothes went in, so this morning I have cleaned out every part of my closet.

Even (gasp!) the purses and (double gasp!) the shoes!

I am ever so slowly getting rid of shoes that aren’t Birkenstocks. I actually thought that I’d get rid of all the non-’stocks this cleaning but there were several pairs of shoes I couldn’t bring myself to part with.

Yesterday, while shopping at Wally World, I purchased several closet organizer-type objects. Two of the three are for Stephen’s closet and the third is for my cross-stitching stash in the office closet. Stephen doesn’t know it yet but I see closet cleaning in his future this weekend. (Hi Honey!) We’re also going to do some closet rearranging/shelving additions so that the chest of drawers that is in my closet can go into Eli’s room and the changing table/dresser can go into the baby’s room. Stephen wants to add some shelving to his closet as well. I thought that it would be a good idea to have the closets cleaned out before we start adding new stuff so that we don’t have to tackle the cleaning and the adding at once.

So far, I have created one giant bag of my previous life’s work clothes to go to the women’s prison ministry and started a second bag to go to Purple Heart Veterans. Also, I made a giant bag of trash.

How in the world do we accumulate so much stuff? Thank goodness we didn’t get many things for Christmas. We mostly got money from our parents and we plan to use that on our trips to AZ and MA.