It Really is Easier the Second Time Around

Last time I was pregnant, we agonized about the stuff we needed to get for the baby. Where to start? What to get used? What to buy new? What not to buy at all? When do I register? And then once you’ve answered all those questions there are just about 1.4 billion products available on the market and all their packaging insists that if you don’t have this product your baby will be deformed for life. It’s tough and I was never so glad to see the last of Babies R Us and Target and their hand-held scanners of evilness.

To help us with the task last time, I bought a book called Baby Bargins and it was incredibly useful in helping us weed through all the unnecessary stuff. As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, when we don’t know how to do something around here we buy a book. So this particular one was our sanity when I was a crazy pregnant lady last time. I loaned my copy to a friend and never got it back, so after I told Ashley that I didn’t have ours, she loaned me her newer edition. Of course, I had been the one to originally tell her to buy it, so see how the world all works out sometimes?

Last night I sat down and reviewed the couple of big products we need to replace stuff that is either too old or worn out from Eli. I decided to check what was online. I did my entire registry process in about an hour. I think the last time it took several weeks, if not a month, to make the list and then get to the stores to get it done. I am so glad to have that chore over with and now I can move on to other closets.