Three Examples of Why Eli Is Not the Best at Hide and Seek

One. Eli told me to count so that he could hide. When I finished counting and shouted, “Ready or not, here I come!” Eli giggled loudly and then leapt from his hiding place, grabbing me around the legs. “Here I am, daddy!” he said.

Two. Eli asked me to hide, so on a lark I sat next to Misty on the couch and pulled an afghan over me, hiding me from view. Eli passed me four or five times and only found me when Misty pulled back a corner of my cover for him.

Three. A while later I draped the afghan over an obviously empty chair. He went straight there and jumped onto the chair. Then he looked very confused.

2 thoughts on “Three Examples of Why Eli Is Not the Best at Hide and Seek

  1. :chuckle: I remember playing H&S with him in the hallway as he “hid” in the guest room. I came to the conclusion that he just wanted me to pay attention to him. Took me a while, but … well, I’m an engineer, and we’re slow sometimes.

  2. Reminds me of Karl G.’s post about a conversation with Maggie (I’m paraphrasing):

    Maggie: “We got something for you at the store!”
    Karl: “Did Mommy tell you that was a secret?”
    Maggie, happily: “Yes she did!!!”

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