The Tent

It takes up all the floor space in Eli’s room but this morning we solved part of that problem by putting approximately 900 toys inside the tent.

As requested, the sleeping bag inside the tent as well. Then we also needed the space blanket, inside the sleeping bag, inside the tent. Notice in the lower left corner the tiger phone, in case he needs to call from the deep, dark woods.

Eli snug in his sleeping bag. See the three hairs sticking out of the bag?

This tent is quite possibly the best invention ever. I hear him rattling buckets in his room. I think more toys just went into the tent. He stopped by just now to inform me that the Thomas blanket (as well as his space blanket and Nemo blanket) needed to be inside the tent.

Do you think it’s possible to fit the entire house inside of the tent? I’ll let you know when I have internet hookup in there…