Friday Night Videos: Videos That Tell A Story, Kind Of

Pat Benatar: Love is a Battlefield (1983)

This is the first video I remember seeing that had a strong narrative thread running through it. As for that narrative thread, all I can say is: Take that, Emo kids.

No More Kings: Sweep the Leg (2007)

Those of you who never saw The Karate Kid are going to be lost lost lost throughout this video. For the rest of you: William Zabka, aka Johnny, the villain of the movie, directed and stars in this video that piles on so many Karate Kid references you’re likely to suffocate under the weight of recycled pop culture ephemera. There’s a number of nods to other things from the 1980s — hi there, Mr. Belding! — so after this, you should be full up on nostalgia.