Don’t Try this at Home

When I was between six and ten, I went to the roller skating rink all the time. One particular Friday or Saturday night I remember going with my family and my parents’ best friends and their kids. I was busily trying to skate among the masses of people when I came upon two women skating together. They were going kinda slow so in my little kid brain I decided it would be a good idea for me to zip around them. Well, I’m not sure if I was a good zipper or a bad zipper because I made one of the women fall right onto her butt. After I passed her and looked back I realized she was very pregnant. I skated on to my mom and told her what happened and she encouraged me to go and apologize to the woman.

To this day when I think of that moment when I looked over my shoulder and saw her belly I am filled with anxiety that I caused her or her baby harm. As an adult I’ve often wondered why she was ever there in the first place. It seems an unnecessary risk to take in my mind, but maybe she was so far along she was actually trying to induce labor.

This afternoon Eli and I were playing in the hall. We both had our socks on. He was chasing me and I had my hands held out behind me for him to grab. He grabbed and pulled and I attempted to pull back. However, between the hardwood floor and my socks I had zero leverage. As I was falling backwards and yelling for help and trying desperately not to land completely on top of Eli, I remembered that women at the roller rink. As my head smacked against the floor, I looked up at the ceiling and thought that maybe sometimes you just can’t see the risk.

Don’t panic. I’m fine — obviously, or I wouldn’t be posting this now. I have a headache but am having difficulty deciding if it was caused by the cold I have or by my trip to the floor. My right hip is sore, but then it was sore all week from the plane ride on Monday. I had a few moments of panic about an hour after it happened, so I called the doctor and he assured me that falling on my butt and my head was the best possible place to land for the baby. Not so good for me, but the best case scenario for the kid.

I’m going to sit on the heating pad now. I think I might try non-skid slippers tomorrow when we are playing. And you can bet I won’t be going roller skating anytime soon…

3 thoughts on “Don’t Try this at Home

  1. Goodness. Glad to hear you’re OK.

    Our local ice rink prohibits pregnant women from skating. In these litigious times, I’d be surprised if roller rinks didn’t share that prohibition.

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