Kindermusik with Joy

This is something I’ve been meaning to post for a while now. My sister-in-law, Joy, is a Kindermusik Educator (her blog is here). She and I recently went on a design spree to get her business cards and other work-related paper products up to par. These are the business cards and postcard that I designed for her.





The photos, monkey, and lion are Kindermusik art that we were allowed to use. The colors on the three cards are regulation Kindermusik colors. The logo is the allowed Kindermusik logo adaption with her name. Sounds like there’s not much wiggle room, right? If only you had seen the original Kindermusik cards.

My first draft was a play off of the original card and Joy hated it. The second round drafts were more playful. But as we were talking about the second set she said she really did want to use photos and so these were born.

Joy is currently using the blue and green business cards and plans to get the purple ones made up sometime soon. I’m happy with the way it all looks and she is too.