Friday Night Videos: Videos With Words In

Alex Gopher: The Child (1999)

Everything in this video is words, and I do mean everything. Half of the fun is reading the words used; the other half is enjoying the fonts that Antoine Bardou-Jacquet used for the words. Prepare to hit the pause button early and often.

The SoftLightes: Heart Made of Sound (2006)

Instead of using typography to form words from the song’s lyrics, Kris Moyes used stop-motion animation of everyday objects. He also throws in the occasional representation of musical elements, like the wonderful crumpled-ball snare hits. I find this video relaxing to watch despite its fast transitions.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos: Videos With Words In

  1. The Child is one of my favorite videos ever! I love the Brooklyn Bridge and the Guggenheim museum because the fonts actually look like the buildings.

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