Kindermusik, Will You Hire Me?

I’m a bit overwhelmed this evening.

Also, I’m feeling the love.

My sister-in-law, Joy, posted about me on some Kindermusik e-group thing-a-ma-bob and suddenly I’m the Kindermusik business card lady. I have spent all evening fielding requests for work. I have never, ever had to field requests for work. Usually it’s me asking around forlornly if I might spread a little graphic design magic over someone’s sadly neglected paper products. And usually, people don’t want to pay for said magic.

I’m actually considering making a website for Granade Graphic Design. If I’m not careful, I might actually have to do some work around here. Quick, can someone show me some HTML?

Welcome Kindermusik Educators! Yes, I’d be happy to create some nifty new business cards personalized just for your studio. Send me an email (you can find it on the About Us link on the left) and let me know what you are looking for.

7 thoughts on “Kindermusik, Will You Hire Me?

  1. Let me know if you’d like me to work with you on anything web-related. I do mostly IIS-based work (ASP, ASP.NET); some works either on IIS or Apache (CSS2, DHTML, Javascript). If you mock up a page, I can give advice on usability, accessibility, and write the code. I’m between contracts right now.

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