Friday Night Videos: Meta

Cake: Short Skirt/Long Jacket (2001)

I can imagine John McCrea, the director, hearing the song and saying, “What kind of video can I do for this? Geez, I guess I’ll just film other people listening to the song and reacting. Hey! Hey! Is that it?

Alanis Morissette: Hands Clean (2002)

This video makes reference to the story told by the lyrics, but mainly it’s about the life cycle a pop hit, from initial concept through recording, making a video, and finally karaoke. My favorite part is the record store guy with headphones on who nods along for a moment before raising his hands and breaking into an awkward dance.

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos: Meta

  1. I found myself trying to figure out all the locations in the Cake video. I did recognize some SF scenes (Pier 39 was obvious)… I’m sure some of it was filmed in Sac as well.

  2. That’s one of my favorite Cake songs ever. That’s the first time I’ve seen the video, though, and it was definitely amusing.

    I also really enjoyed the Alanis song. Every once in a while she pops back up on the radio and I remember how much I’ve liked her music. Good lyrics.

  3. “Going The Distance” is my favorite Cake song, but I like this video.

    Side note: I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me until just now that there are probably parallels to be made between Cake and Beck.

    Another smart video from Alanis Morisette. Back when Jagged Little Pill first came out, I was something like a sophomore in college, and I (like a lot of guys, I think) had a kind of reflexive negative reaction especially to “You Oughta Know.” I tuned her out for quite a while, but I finally softened up and listened a bit more closely. Oddly enough, it was her episode of “Behind The Music” that fully turned me around. I haven’t really sought out collecting any of her music, but I now really admire the intelligence behind her stuff.

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