How to Promote Your Book in Two Easy Sentences

I count a number of writers among my friends and acquaintances. I’ve been interested to see how they promote themselves and their work. My gold standard for a writer marketing his or her works (albeit in a non-annoying way) has been John Scalzi.

He will have to give up the crown, though. Kenneth Eng has eclipsed him. Eng was a freelance writer for AsianWeek. He wrote a couple of columns, including “Why I Hate Blacks” and “Proof That Whites Inherently Hate Us”, with the predictable results. When Fox News talked to him about his “Why I Hate Blacks” column, he managed to go from discussing his racism to discussing his book about techno-dragons in two sentences. I dare anyone else to top that.

I also dare you to read the book’s preview on Amazon. And if you’d like to know more about Kenneth Eng, the SFist has quite the collection of links.