Friday Night Videos: Overwrought

The Darkness: I Believe in a Thing Called Love (2002)

The moment the mists begin to clear from the heart-shaped pool, you know you’re in for a treat. But the video doesn’t reach its pinnacle of awesomeness until the band defeats the space squid with the electric power of rock. Watch closely as the drummer’s sticks spark like a Jacob’s ladder!

Guns N’ Roses: November Rain (1992)

For a time this was the most requested video on MTV, proving that we were all dumb once. I never understood why the sight and sound of a hair band singing a ballad that Meatloaf would reject as being “too over-the-top” was so popular. Looking at this thing fifteen years later proves one thing: I blame Axl and the boys for the video for My Chemical Romance’s “Helena”.

Hey, let’s have another bonus video! This one is The Lion King in 5 Seconds.

The creator of the above has done a lot of 5-second versions of movies. I recommend his take on Fargo and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.