The Beginning of the End

This morning I sat down with my breakfast to watch the news for a couple of minutes. Eli was dancing around, talking and eating his breakfast when a commercial came on. The word “zoo” appeared on the screen with no context as to what a zoo actually is and Eli looked up and said,

“Oh, those people are going to the zoo!”

Tomorrow, he’ll be doing the NYT crossword and asking me to pass the granola.

Does anybody know a good Montessori program around here?

3 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End

  1. Welcome to my world when I was rearing his Daddy. I quickly realized that God had chosen me for a huge responsibility and I did not know if I could pull it off or not. Everyday was a new adventure.

  2. “Open 24 hours a day.” Those words informed us that our son’s one-word reading, which we had assumed was mere memorization of sign shapes, actually encompassed much, much more. You know that, like us, you have only yourselves to blame–all this reading to him, and letting him watch educational TV programming, and fostering educational computer games. How can you deprive your child of all the usual drivel and expect him to be “normal”? 😉

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