Worshiping by the Glow of the TV

I’ve always had mixed feelings about letting Eli watch TV. On the one hand, his parents watch TV, and there are a lot of good shows for kids these days, starting with Sesame Street and going from there. On the other hand, he needs to be able to entertain himself without turning to the TV at every opportunity. We’ve tried to strike a balance by letting him watch a set number of shows. For the most part he can choose when he watches them and which ones he watches, but once he’s watched his set number, he’s done.

I’d feel better if he didn’t then remind me about the TV he watches. We’ll be playing together and he’ll say, “Oh, no, dad, we’re being chased by a Nile crocodile!” Would that be the same Nile crocodile you saw on Little Einsteins? He incorporates what he’s seen into his imaginative play, using it as a springboard for his own adventures. That’s cool and all, but should he make TV such a big part of his life?

And speaking of TV, did you see the season finale of Battlestar Galactica? I’ve seen a lot of people discussing how much it annoyed them, and I’m partially on their side. Unfortunately, there aren’t any more episodes until 2008, so I guess we’ll all have to theorize about the dangling plot threads in the finale and read and write fanfic in the meantime.