Eli Sings (Though Not the Blues)

I’m always hesitant about showing Eli singing, since you never know when Simon Cowell will unleash a verbal smackdown in response, but what the hey. I’m enjoying posting audio clips, and Eli sings a lot.

First up is his rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.
[audio:twinkle twinkle little star.mp3]

Next up is what happens when he’s feeling silly: he substitutes other words for “star” and makes up rhymes around them.
[audio:twinkle twinkle little fish.mp3]

When I was trying to get him to sing, he made up a song about frogs.
[audio:frog onna log.mp3]

Finally, for an encore, here is Eli singing “Such Great Heights”.
[audio:such great heights.mp3]