The Vomit You Want

So everybody I know is pregnant. Ashley, Jessica, my optometrist, my dentist, and my OB/GYN (She just had her twins), another woman from our Sunday School Class (brings the current total in our class up to four), a friend from playgroup and three other moms from Eli’s Mom’s Morning Out Class. So when I say everybody, I’m not really exaggerating all that much. So naturally when we convene on Tuesday Nights, the talk often turns to pregnancy and related issues.

Last night was no different. Since Jessica is now 12 weeks pregnant and announcing it (you may remember her from this entry) we started talking about vomit. What you don’t want to eat and vomit and what actually isn’t bad to vomit back up. Amy asked why I hadn’t written about this. I realized that I hadn’t, mostly because I felt like it might be a bit too gross. Maybe it is and then again maybe it will be helpful to one of the 40 pregnant women I know.

So here now for yours (and Amy’s) perusal, here are two lists of things. One is for things that are not good to vomit and the other is for things ok to vomit. Feel free to add your experiences to the list.

Not Good
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (too chunky!)
Vitamins (too bitter)
Spaghetti (too stringy)
Anything with fruit chunks in it
Omelet with onions in it
Chocolate Ice Cream

OK (Because ‘good’ in this context is just too far out of reach)
Orange Juice (tastes pretty much the same coming up as going down)
Honey Nut Cheerio Cereal Bars (very sweet)
Yeah, the list is short because let’s face it, vomiting is just gross.

10 thoughts on “The Vomit You Want

  1. Hey, a topic I can contribute to:

    Not Good: Peaches, Pizza

    Okay: Water, Banana Milkshake

  2. WOO! I can contribute to this discussion!

    OJ actually hurt my nose coming up, so I started avoiding it. But the fact that it looked the same after it came up made it look less gross.

    Bread – dried toast – generally looked gross, but fairly painfree.

    I found boiled eggs and eggs sunny side up came up fairly easily and painlessly.

    Oatmeal was painful because all the little bits would get stuck in the throat and drive me nuts, or feel like it was in my nose.

    You are right, this IS a gross topic.

  3. My vitamins have never come back up. Even getting sick moments after taking it. It is impressive! Oh and this became not a secret after 8 weeks when we got a thumbs up from the doc. Two early ultrasounds can give you that reassurance that early.

    That saidd,
    Raisins were weird. They didn’t taste bad coming up, but looked really gross.

    Homemade chicken enchiladas were gross. – too thick.

    Chicken Enchiladas from Rosie’s though, not too bad. Tasted like corn tortillas. I guess I just ate a lot of chips and salsa or something that night.

    I just had to add to the grossness. I agree on the spaghetti! That one’s bit me twice!

  4. All that vomit talk last night reminded me of the last time I’d puked, which was 2003 in Colorado Springs the night after Columbia disintegrated on re-entry and I went out drinking with one of our AC’s after the hockey game was over. I really am glad that I never saw the bar tab [my boy Westy picked it up] … had to be over $80.

    Puking up beer and Jägermeister … not so bad.

  5. Not good: Tequila (especially when you date is holding your hair back as you vomit).

  6. Wow, this is even grosser than the toddler vomit entry. But potentially useful…*files it away for future reference*

    *sigh* Every time I feel sick in the morning and I’m *not* pregnant, I get very annoyed–what a waste of perfectly good misery.

  7. Yeah, nausea without pregnancy is just crappy all the way around.

    Also, LB, if your date is holding your hair while you vomit, he might be a keeper.

  8. Hey I can add to this now! Bad: Tater tots and ruffles potato chips – too scratchy.
    OK: Hot Tea – much like OJ, comes back close to how it went in. Though there went my morning caffeine fix…

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