Turbo Boost and We’ll See Who’s the Fastest

My brain is being eaten by work, so here’s a short post on nothing of much importance. A while back I confessed to my youthful love of Knight Rider. Now I have learned that I can relive that obsession by buying K.I.T.T. Some ten years ago Tim Russo bought one of the Trans-Ams used for close-up views of K.I.T.T. It has a turbo boost button, working video screens, and the red light in the car hood that goes “vrrm vrrm”. The best part of the article: “Most of the buttons don’t do anything, Verhoek said. Nor can the car hold a conversation or drive itself.” Sadly, K.I.T.T. is not street-legal. Of course, if that turbo boost worked you could always out-run the cops.

So: if you could have one television prop, what would it be?