Friday Night Videos: Strange Covers

Alanis Morissette: My Humps (2007)

“My Humps” is one of the most annoying songs in recent memory, but Alanis Morissette has taken it and, by turning it into a slow ballad, shown us the sad person underneath the happy clown makeup. She lays bare the pathos that is at the heart of

I can’t finish typing that, I’m laughing too hard. When this song first appeared on that there computer internet, people debated whether this was a serious cover or not. The video makes it clear that Alanis is taking the piss.

Hurra Torpedo: Total Eclipse of the Heart (1995)

At least for this moment, Wikipedia describes Hurra Tornado as “Norway’s most famous kitchen appliance band”. That seems about right. And no one covers Bonnie Tyler like hirsute Norwegians whaling away on kitchen appliances. For more, see their live performance of “All The Things She Said”.

Bonus video time!

If this video confuses you, you’ll need to go watch an episode of “Dora the Explorer”. As Maraka says, “Don’t question it, just do it!”

10 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos: Strange Covers

  1. I’ve seen the Alanis video a few times already this week on other blogs, but that Hurra Torpedo video was really good… the butt crack was… interesting. And Maraka… oh man, did I ever laugh hard at that!

  2. Yeah. I simply cannot make it through the Alanis video, but then again, I pretty much feel the same way about the original song it came from. Pretty much in the same class with “Milkshake” by Kelis.

    The Hurra Torpedo video was damned funny, though. 🙂 I love how the one guy spends half the video just waiting for his chance to bash the heck out of that stove. That, and the guy in the middle started reminding me of Animal from the Muppet Show about halfway in. Great stuff!

  3. Oh… I hope Jim Steinman has seen the Hurra Torpedo video. I bet he either cried for an hour or laughed until he cried. Either way, there must have been crying involved. 🙂

  4. I’m not that keen on out-of-genre covers where that’s the only gimmick, but it’s funny to me to hear the song done in Alanis’s style. And that one guy in Hurra Torpedo waiting to hit the stove, as if he is saying, “Now? Now? … Now? NOW?” is great.

  5. I think that it’s just hilarious how Alanis just completely obliterates any credibility the original had with that. I mean … it’s completely awesome.

    To say nothing of a wicked head-butt or the whole tearing-a-pillow-into-shreds thing. Almost makes the whole thing bearable.

  6. “You Did it, you Did it”

    I loved the Maraka video. Yes I have since Dora, but for only education and work purposes. Autistic children look Dora.

    Jason (my hubby) showed me the Alanis video last week and could not stop laughing. Great Job Stephen.

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