My Little In Utero Drama Queen

Friday afternoon I was lucky enough to get a nap in. Of course, I had to sleep on my sheetless bed because I had them in the dryer, but I can’t really be that picky when the urge to sleep hits and Eli is asleep and I don’t have anything I have to accomplish for 45 minutes. I fell on the bed and was pretty much instantly asleep only to be keep half awake by my kid with hiccups. Apparently, this child is not as unperturbed about hiccups as Eli was. She kicked and rolled and beat about with her fists. I think she finally go over the hiccups, because she settled down and I didn’t move again until Eli came to tell me he wanted to watch a show.

It’s 4:56 am. I’ve been awake since about 4 because she has the hiccups again. And yes, verification: she doesn’t like them. I think if she could wail there would be wailing to go with the gnashing of teethless gums. She was pitching and rolling so much, I had to wake Stephen so he could experience it too. His response, “Wow, she’s really mad,” mumbled sleepily into the back of my head. After which, he promptly fell back asleep.

I’m not sure how the drama will play once she gets to the outside. I don’t think anybody else in the family will be all that impressed.

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  1. Yesterday, my director had to postpone a meeting twice and finally cancel it because he was at the doctor’s office with his daughter. We did finally meet up in the afternoon, and for small talk, I asked, “Did you get your daughter squared away?” My director, a pretty dry-witted fellow, smiled and responded, “You never get a daughter squared away.”

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