Day One of Stephen Gone to Orlando

Stephen left last night for a conference in Orlando. I always dread these trips because I am sole caretaker of the octopus arms and this is doubly tiring when I am as pregnant as I am. Eli had a slight cold over the weekend so we’ve also been a bit house bound as every time his face hits the wind for more than two seconds his nose runs for two hours afterward.

Eli nearly had a breakdown when Stephen started the hugging goodbye ritual. I thought I was going to have to use a crowbar to get him to turn Stephen loose. But as soon as I suggested he could get in the bathtub early, all was right with the world.

I have discovered the secret to the universe and it is called early bath.

He climbed into the tub yesterday around 6 pm and I actually made it to 7:30 without dropping. Today we got into the bath before 5 and we’ve already had dinner. Now he’s playing quietly in his room with a feather duster that because most of the time is off limits is the best toy in the whole entire world. I am sitting at the computer working on this post. This time of the day is usually fraught with many tantrums for a snack, dad, going to church, dad, going home, watching a show, a snack, playing on the computer, a snack, dad. But apparently early bath and early dinner make life a near paradise. Who knew?

The only down side to the past 24 hours is this morning’s wake up call. Eli got up at 5:15. I had to go in and tell him to go back to bed because it wasn’t yet daylight. He insisted that he had a stinky diaper, which he didn’t. I made him get back under the covers with the light out and told him that he needed to go back to sleep.

At 6:15 he was back in my room saying he had a stinky diaper and indeed there was a prodigious amount of stink. I changed his diaper and instructed him that he needed to play quietly in his room and that he could come and wake me up at 7.

At 6:45 he was back in my room saying it was 7. I told him, no it wasn’t quite 7 but that if he could be quiet and still he could go get his blankie and get into bed with me. He managed to do that for the 15 remaining minutes before 7, at which time he announced it was time to get up because it was daytime.

Now the good news to this early rising is that he is back to taking two hour naps. He crashed out at noon today and I heard nary a peep from him until about 2. But man, the four alarms before 7 is a killer. I guess this is God’s way of preparing me for the days of the new baby, you know, in case I forgot what no sleep was like.

5 thoughts on “Day One of Stephen Gone to Orlando

  1. Hey, as a note, choir is cancelled this week, so I am totally up for coming over and helping you run interference. I’m not Dad, but I am someone else who will play Cranium with him. 🙂

  2. Sure, he can even borrow my iPod! I’ll put “Such Great Heights” on so he can sing along.

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