Now Being Announced

Baby TBA’s name is to be Kathryn Elizabeth Granade. We’ll call her Liza, at least until she tells us her name is Elizabeth or Kate or Athr.

12 thoughts on “Now Being Announced

  1. Woot! All good options. I do confess to liking *some* consonants in a name, but whatever floats her boat when she’s seventeen and wearing glow-in-the-dark lipstick.

  2. Liza? Man, where do I know that name from?

    Also, my money’s on her wanting to be called ‘Ryn’.

  3. Since I am one of the grandmothers for whom she is named, I think her name is beautiful! Since my niece called herself “Libbus,” and she called me “Libbus too”, I guess this new Elizabeth can be “Libbus Three.”

  4. I just have to comment again. When I see her name printed, I am struck again about how pretty it looks. It kinda reminds me of when I saw her Dad’s name printed out for the first time; I was awe-struck at its’ beauty.

  5. Someone asked me yesterday if we were Catholic because it sounded like a Catholic girl’s name. I told them I wanted to be Catholic when I grow up.

  6. Awesome name! Of course I like it, her first name’s similar to mine. 🙂 I’m sure she’ll come up with some nickname that you would never have thought of when she gets old enough.

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