Office Shelves

As promised, here are photos of the shelving extravaganza.


Painting process.

The first wall bracket installed.

Stephen doing the hardest part, pounding the brackets onto the wall pieces.

Placing shelves.

Left side of shelves. (My side.)

Right side of shelves. (Stephen’s side.)

Those are all the books from under the guest bed. It seemed like so many when they were under there. But now there’s so much room to grow!

I had to take some more photos after I had fiddled around and put more stuff on the shelves…I’m such a homemaker nerd.

My side. Two good things here. 1. My diploma which I’ve always wanted to have on display. 2. On the second shelf from the bottom is a stack of empty notebooks. Never let me con you and say that I have nothing to write on. To the left of that stack, my ink for my fountain pen. Never let me con you and say I have nothing to write with.

Stephen’s side. Note Stephen’s shelf o’ toys, which he has never had in one place.

6 thoughts on “Office Shelves

  1. You didn’t hear me gasp when I saw them last night. I’m surprised that there was air left in the house.

    I came home and eyed where I’d shelve in my office … 😉

  2. I just realized that I’ve not hung our diplomas up in our new place. Nice placement of shelving! I need to do some of that above the counter in the bird room so that my wife can display her curios.

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