My Husband Rocks!

Last weekend, I jetted off to Nashville to hang out with the gals and Stephen hung out with Eli. Today, I had a baby shower lunch to attend and a church function immediately following. So once again, Stephen was in charge of Eli pretty much all day. (Now granted this morning wasn’t that big of a deal, since he slept from 9-noon.)

But this afternoon not only did he entertain a toddler of uncertain mood and physical well-being but he also managed to strike the full bed in the guest room, get it situated in Eli’s room for my approval, set up the crib in Liza’s room, vacuum about half the rugs in the house and when I arrived, they were dust mopping the hardwood floors.

It is apparent to me I should either leave more often or be pregnant and whine more. Whatever caused all this good work to get done, I am thankful from the bottom of my pregnant heart. Now don’t you all wish you had a Stephen?

P.S. Here’s Eli on his big boy bed…

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