Heroes and Scruff

Hey, let’s talk about Monday night’s episode of Heroes and listen to my wild theories. The next bit is spoiler cut for your convenience.

Everyone was nattering on about how Hiro needs to kill Sylar, how future Hiro had told them to save the cheerleader so Sylar won’t have her regeneration powers, how Isaac drew this picture of Hiro driving his sword into Sylar.

Is that really Sylar? All I saw was a sketch of this guy with a mop of dark hair and stubble on his face. Remind you of anyone else we know? Specifically, does it remind you of anyone else we know who happens to be truly responsible for the NYC explosion?

Meanwhile, the Department of Useless Nitpicks has forwarded me a memo re: why, if Peter can regenerate like Claire, did FuturePeter have a scar?

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  1. I thought last night’s was one of the most satisfying episodes of Heroes, despite the fact that it was basically a Days Of Future Past kind of thing, the dire future we know isn’t actually going to happen. I’m really enjoying how all the threads are coming together. FuturePeter’s scar is part of that, calling back to the first time FutureHiro appeared and offhandedly mentioned it. I’m just speculating, but Peter has to actually will his power to work, doesn’t he? He thinks of how Claire (or whoever) makes him feel and the power kicks in. Perhaps FuturePeter is so racked with guilt over what he did that he has chosen never to heal his scar. Also, if his scar healed, that would be a rather conspicuous change in a world where people who can do such things are marked for detention/death. So that’s another reason for him not to heal it.

    Personally, while I agree that there’s probably a twist or two coming, I don’t see Hiro actually killing Peter. However, there may be stabbage at a critical time to prevent him from exploding, perhaps?

  2. My best guess is this (btw, I’m only up to episode 6):

    Perhaps the scar on Peter meant that in that particular future, he never acquired claire’s regeneration ability? I’m getting a very strong impression that future Hiro kept returning to the present time, as we know it now, to correct things in effort to prevent what he saw as the inevitable… This guess could be very wrong seeing as how the future can vary so much… It’s like “Back To The Future” all over again and Hiro plays the role of Doc Brown…

    This could be the only reason why Hiro emphasised so much on saving Claire, that she obviously happens to be the liability of this entire situation, with Peter following very dangerously close behind her, perhaps he could be first in the line instead… And because he is one of the high risk factors, future Hiro realises the order of the series of events must be meticulously “relaid” out… (Sorry this seems redundant)

    This show feels like one of those chess games where the parties involved are sitting on eggshells trying to not even breathe a wrong move…

    Ooh, I just thought of something… Hindsight is always 20/20, but how 20/20 can it be in this case…

    Sorry for the long ramble… As you can see, I’m completely obsessed with this show…

  3. I’m pretty sure that in the future Peter had met Claire since she was still alive. The way I read it was that this was the exact future we’d see if things played out from the last point we saw, with Hiro being out of the timestream. Now that he’s re-inserted himself things can/will take a different path, but we don’t know how different.

    Perhaps the scar came about during the explosion or immediately thereafter. Emitting a nuclear explosion can’t be good for your body, so perhaps it’s enough to temporarily overwhelm the healing process, therefor making for an imperfect restoration.

    It does look suspiciously like a wound from a sword though, and thus would seem to have been caused by Hiro. Maybe he sees someone exploding and strikes, not knowing who it is, and the scar results because of my above theory.

  4. I’m not sure Hiro would actually kill Peter, but I could see him having to stick his sword in him to keep him from exploding.

    Paul: good points about the scar, though I’ve figured out the real reason. He has the scar because it makes him look more dangerous and cool.

    Asai: you’re not the only one obsessed with it. And Monday’s episode only made me more excited about the show.

    Jason: oh, interesting points. I hadn’t thought of connecting the scar to a sword strike.

  5. Peter didn’t have Claire’s ReGen ability in that future. Sylar killed the cheerleader, and Peter wasn’t there to save her, nor absorb her power.

    Since Peter can absorb stolen abilities from Sylar, (Peter had shown his telekinesis) he would have Clarie’s regen after he recieved the scar.

    Also of note, when they square off at the end of “Five years gone” they are both indestructible.

  6. Drhaggis? Claire ain’t indestructable. Brain trauma can keep her from regenerating, and, logically, if her brain were removed or destroyed, she’d be permanently killed. And Peter has to know about the abilities to consciously use them. He hadn’t known about Sylar killing Claire yet.

  7. okay, the scar=easy. peter didn’t acquire claire’s power until future-hiro told him to “save the cheerleader.” in future-hiro’s time, claire is in hiding in texas and it is most likely that future-peter never met future-claire. and in response to the theory that he has to consciously activate his power…he wasn’t exactly conscious when claire pulled a shard of glass out his skull, was he?

  8. Okay so I have to wade in and throw my 2 cents worth in on this, as we here in the Woodstock house in the woods are adicted as well.

    If Peter has the power to assume others powers…when he and Niki/Jessica hooked up, did his personality split as well. Just something Ploki and I talked about.

    Okay Doc, you have me hooked on your blog now…sweet! 🙂

  9. Kismet, I’d never thought to wonder that. Of course, if her MPD isn’t actually part of her superpowers, Peter would be safe.

    And welcome! Join us. JOIN US.

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