Welcome LOLTrek Visitors

“Hey, this is funny,” my friend John says to me. “Do you mind if I submit LOLTrek to BoingBoing?”

“Sure,” I tell him, thinking that they won’t really link to it.

Two minutes later, we’re Boinged. Then Wil Wheaton links to LOLTrek. Someone in the comments says, “David Gerrold is a friend of mine, I am sooooo gonna show him this!!!” Now that we’ve had our own bacon cat moment, we can quit the Internet.

To the hordes of new folks, welcome! I’ve had a number of y’all ask if I’m going to do this again. Sadly, the answer is no. I think LOLTrek was funny at most one time, and I used all of my good jokes up on it. Though if I were going to do another TV show, I know which one I’d do.

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26 thoughts on “Welcome LOLTrek Visitors

  1. Im in mah bunker, workin on mah response.

    The traffic this has seen is staggering, and it’s making me gleeful. Thank God I just doubled the RAM on this box.

  2. We be sending teh italian mob on you head if you do not make another TV show. Godfather is rofl when watch LOLTrek. Do not make Godfather angry. Ups, toh late.

  3. You should do lolhouse! I know the sequel is never as good as the original, especially when the first one is the best thing to ever grace the internet, but maybe it’ll be your Spiderman 2 moment. C’mon. Do it. Peer pressure, peer pressure!

  4. Let me be about the 95,000th person to say that LOLTrek is the awesomest thing ever.

    Yes, *please* do one for House! And I second what andrew t said: Chase would definitely be perfect for the “Whut?” since he makes that face about 200 times an episode. ^_^

  5. Or, “I have Vicodin. No! They be takin’ mah Vicodin!”

    I loved the Trek and linked to it myself. It’s traveling around livejournal at warp speed.

  6. I just discovered lolcat and think it’s great… but LOLTrek was better. Plz can I has LOLHouse?

  7. Ug, not House! More LOLTrek would be good to complete with the LOLStar Wars. Or some LOLZombies, LOLEvil Dead (I can has boomstick?), or LOLMonk! Anything but House!

  8. seriously, i thinks house would be great…….
    just for ideas, i think the Mentalist would be good lolcatted too!!! You should totally do more lolcat tv show stills. They are AWESOME.

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