Slowest Labor….Ever

Still in labor. Contractions still roughly 10 minutes apart. I did manage to take a nap but the contractions woke me up. Who said this laboring at home was a good idea anyway?

My mom is headed back to Huntsville.

I might make it to the hospital sometime today, maybe.

Also, I’m out of laundry to do.

8 thoughts on “Slowest Labor….Ever

  1. Hang in there girl! I’ve been thinking about you all afternoon, wondering if you were going to have Liza today.

    I think I read somewhere that sometimes the contractions never get to be 5 min. apart. Have you called your doula or the doctor yet? You may be further along than you think.

    Good luck. Keep us posted.

  2. Let me say this: first it was LOLTrek, and now it’s LinkedIn. Stephen has too much free time, Misty!

    [I’m not accepting his LinkedIn invitation until he accepts my Facebook invitation. ;)]

  3. I know not of this LinkedIn of which you men speak of. I’ve been busy TRYING TO HAVE HIS BABY so I am not up on the hip lingo.

    Although, I did manage to read the rest of my craft magazine and then proceed to add both it and Make Mag to my bloglines account so I can check them at my leisure.

  4. Careful, Misty! Your baby daddy now has a Facebook account! He can blithely spew his pent-up teenage angst for … well, me to see! [Until Jonathan and Rick see this and friend him.]

    Sorry. I’m giddy. I blame the drugs.

  5. You guys are doing great! I’m sorry it’s the slowest labor ever! We love your titles… Matt especially liked the delayed “…Ever.”

  6. [Until Jonathan and Rick see this and friend him.]

    Ummm, hi. We have more locals on Facebook than that. Who’s embarrassed? That would be me. 😳

    [Jess and Rachel, you may smack me later.]

  7. Yeah! We friended him before Jon and Rick! 😉 No, I figured it was because at the time of your comment Rachel and I had already friended him.

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