We’ve reached the magical point of 5-1-1. That’s the point where Misty’s contractions occur every five minutes and last for a minute, and have done so for at least an hour. We’re off to the hospital, where with any luck we’ll have ourselves a brand new Liza. We told the dealer we wanted the sleeps-through-the-night and colic-free options. The only way we could get those was in a package that included undercoat rust-proofing, but what the hey, you only have a baby once, or perhaps twice, or five to ten times depending on your preferences and choice of birth control.

Wish us luck!

13 thoughts on “5-1-1

  1. Good luck!

    Of course, I’m guessing this is seriously going to wreak havoc with Callison’s appointment schedule today 😉 Oh well, it was bound to happen. Guess I should take a book or something, I’m probably going to be there a while 🙂

  2. Just got a text message from Stephen – Liza was born by C-section at some point recently. She and Misty are both fine. I have no further details right now.

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