Three Notes About Eli

To allay any fears that our house is all-Liza all the time, here are three notes on Eli’s recent behavior.


Eli has a book called Shaggy Dog and the Terrible Itch, which came with a CD. On the CD, Doon Mackichan and Jamie Theakston read the story.

Now, Eli has a habit of memorizing books and then parroting them back as we read them. In this case he parrots it back in a strange mash-up of southern US, southern England, and Scottish accents. Hearing him carefully say, “much, much better” as “mooch, mooch, bit-tah” is often the high point of my day.


Eli has taken to creating stories about his toys and other objects in his possession. He will line up a frog and a quarter and a race car and tell us how the frog and the quarter went down the road and then they got stuck and then the race car came along and said “hop on!” and gave them a ride back, the end.

During one of the many trips between our house and the hospital, Eli was in the back seat of Misty’s mom’s car. He was cradling a fistful of quarters he’d been playing with. Misty’s mom asked him, “Eli, will you sing me a song?”

“No,” Eli replied.

“Will you tell me a story, then? About your money?”

Eli said, “If you give me another quarter!”


Eli is very fond of flashlights right now. Misty’s mom had a flashlight in her car, and Eli begged for it every time he saw it. When Misty’s dad arrived, he came bearing three small LED flashlights. Eli was ecstatic.

Later that day he was talking to Misty on the phone. “Mom!” he cried, “I have a new flashlight! See?” He then shone the flashlight at the phone so Misty could see the light.

4 thoughts on “Three Notes About Eli

  1. Those’re all incredibly cute stories! How has he taken to Liza? I’m sure you’re asked this a lot, but I haven’t gotten to see you guys yet.

  2. This is wonderful! I’ve had my son try to show me things over the phone when I’m at work as well. He appears to have a very good ear for parroting. Maybe he’s got a future as a voice actor? Also… you didn’t tell us about the picture!

  3. Eli’s doing pretty well with Liza. He mostly ignores her, since she’s a boring lump of baby, and doesn’t like for the grandparents to have her, but he hasn’t done anything hateful. He hasn’t regressed too much, besides enjoying more pacifier time than previously, and he’s willing to give her a kiss when he goes to bed. So far I’d give him a solid B+.

  4. That last one reminds me of talking to a friend on the phone, oh, sometime in the first grade. She was telling me about the heavenly hash ice cream she’d gotten for her birthday party, and put the phone in the freezer so I could smell it!

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