Special Visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s

Sometime ago I told Eli that if he went to the potty enough he could go to Chuck E. Cheese’s as a reward. This afternoon, he asked if he had been to the potty 10 times. While he can’t yet determine that he needs to go on his own, he has been exceptionally consistent going when someone asks and escorts him to the potty. Some days as many as 4-5 times a day and one day this week, he stayed dry all day. So as the aforementioned reward, we were off to Chuck’s house for dinner early this afternoon. Here’s the proof.

Here’s your bonus Liza (and Pop) photo of the day:

4 thoughts on “Special Visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s

  1. Go Eli! We are so proud of you. You can do it! And Liza is very cute.

  2. I remember going to that Chuck E Cheese when I was growing up. I even had a few birthday parties there. I remember it was such a fun place to go to as a kid!

    Geof, having said that, I think the beer is necessary to help the parents get through being there with their kids. 😉

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