Where Have All the Good Manners Gone?

When is it appropriate to phone some one you don’t know? When is it appropriate to phone someone you do know?

I was always taught that before 8 am, unless you are phoning with Important News, it is rude. Likewise with after 8 pm. Now if you are a teenager and you need advice on what to wear the next day for pictures, obviously you can phone a good friend after 8 pm. If you need help with your unruly three year old, obviously before 8 am is ok to phone grandma. Say you’ve had a super bad day and need to let of some steam? Phoning your significant other after 8 pm is cool.

What if you see a used truck by the side of the road and you think you might like to learn more about it? Do you call the phone number stenciled on the window at 6:15 am? No, you do not. You restrain yourself until after 8 am. What if you see a listing for a truck on the internet? Do you phone three times after 8 pm? No, you do not. You jot the phone number down and and call after 8 am.

Do people not think? Is the prospect of a good deal on a truck so overwhelming to them that they can’t contain themselves to decent hours? Suffice it to say, if I’m calling your house between 8 pm and 8 am, I’m probably having a baby or maybe I want to know about that nifty car you have for sale.

6 thoughts on “Where Have All the Good Manners Gone?

  1. Goodness gracious. I know that we live in a 24-hour society, but I thought the South might still ameliorate some of that with good old-fashioned social graces. Apparently not!

  2. I was taught 8 to 8, too. There have been times I push the envelope to 9pm – in the summer, really, when it’s still bright out. But I’ve noticed that people tend to just call when it’s convenient – and I always wondered if it’s because cell phones have made it easy to make calls from anywhere at any time.

    (I am still bitter about getting a phone call at midnight when Z was two weeks old, asking, “Hi! Can we come by?)

  3. We sometimes break the rule for evenings mainly because of time zones, but other than that we tend to stick with it too.

  4. Again, you guys are all friends, some of you in different time zones, you can phone after 8 pm or before 8 am. In fact, not too long ago, I called Kat at something like 7 am so obviously there are times when it does happen. My big beef is with people you don’t know calling you up, especially as early as this guy called this morning. Of course, I guess I shouldn’t complain since he came this afternoon and bought the truck.

  5. You’ll be happy to know that this morning our Parents as Teachers educator called at 8:01. She had forgotten to call earlier in the week to remind us about our home visit at 9:00 this morning, but she didn’t feel right calling before 8:00. So there are still some people with good manners out there.

  6. Andrew, that’s awesome! Somebody actually thought!

    Also, I started to call Ashley this morning to check on her labor but it was 7:25 so I decided to wait. (Liza got up at 4:30 and didn’t go back to sleep and Eli got up at 5:15, so 7:25 seemed like the middle of the day to me.)

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