My New Religion

The week before Liza was born my mom took pity on us and came out to save our sanity. While she was here the first Sunday night, she asked if she could watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I laughed because I thought it was a bad reality show but said we could Tivo it so she could watch it.

I am now totally addicted to this show. I think about it all week and wonder what the situation is going to be on the show. How many kids will be in the family. How much extra stuff they will manage to cram into their homes/garages that these families need. If there will be scholarships for the kids.

I don’t know if it’s because there’s nothing else right now on tv to watch or if it’s the best kind of train wreck, a situation that robs me of my ability to look away, but I can’t stop watching. And I suppose it’s better than being addicted to The Sopranos.

8 thoughts on “My New Religion

  1. I want to mock you, but I’ve been eagerly anticipating finding out the start date of Big Brother, so … I have zero room to talk.

    Have you watched an episode yet that didn’t have you going to the Kleenex?

  2. How could you betray the One True Faith of Battlestar Galactica?? (Or, wait, do I mean Heroes?)

  3. Here’s my Secret Shame:

    I’m not all that enamored of BSG.

    Gasp! I know some of you are going to stop talking to me now. Sorry, sorry, SORRY!

    I do like to watch it but I’m not obsessing over it like I did, say, over Veronica Mars or in the old, old days Babylon 5.

    Now, Heroes, I obsess over but it’s off until the fall so I have units in my brain that I can dedicate to another obsession: EM:HE.

    Yes, Geof, EM:HE brings out the Kleenex every time. It’s so embarrassing.

  4. No pitchfork and torch here, Misty. I finished out with the first season and then promptly dropped it for tastier fare. [Starbuck is cute, but she’s no Veronica!]

    Don’t feel bad over the tear-jerkiness of EM:HE, though; I think it would do that to me, too. [I will now wait for the inevitable Gilmore Girls crack.]

    It’s about here that I’d put in another bid for Rescue Me, but you have two children now, which means I’m doubly scared that simply being in the same house where it’s watched would somehow warp them for life.

  5. We did watch Rescue Me the first season and dropped it because it didn’t seem to be going anywhere the beginning of the 2nd. I’ve seen the ads for this season and it does look good.

    The joke of this post is that Stephen and I have been watching Sopranos from the beginning and are now trying to catch up here at the end so that we can see the finale before someone tells us about it and spoils it for us.

    No GG jokes here. I was sitting in this very living room watching VHS tapes of it that your friend provided so I don’t have a leg to stand on about that show.

  6. It went somewhere in Season 2. It went somewhere really, really dark. Then it got darker. I’m not even sure I can watch it during daylight hours anymore.

    [Kari is the best GG friend ever.]

  7. Matt kindly refers to EM:HE as “The Crying Show.” Mostly because he will wander into the living room on any given Sunday night and find me sniffling/outright bawling. I make him watch the transformation in the last 15 minutes with me. If I’m crying by the time the theme song plays (because they show the family’s entrance video first), I know it will be a good one 🙂 The one drawback is that it lulls me into a false sense that someone with the money to afford it is doing something for those who need it… but that is no excuse to not do something on my own!

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