Please Don’t Tell Me the Punchline

Because of the baby, we aren’t current on The Sopranos. Please don’t spoil it for me by talking about it. (I’m looking at all of you Early Morning News Programs.)

5 thoughts on “Please Don’t Tell Me the Punchline

  1. Oh Misty, be CAREFUL with what shows you watch until you are caught up. Even The View has been spoiling on Monday mornings this season in regards to The Sopranos. (They did it again today). How many episodes are you behind?

  2. I made it through Monday with only one internet siting of spoilers and I clicked away quickly. We are on around ep. 14/15 so we need to catch up quickly! Also, I never watch The View so that solves that problem.

  3. And that is why you shouldn’t watch morning news programs. 🙂

    Harry Potter 5 was spoiled for me on Fark… I logged on that morning to get Potter-related articles for my radio show and there it was, big as life… “Sirius Black Dies in Harry Potter 5”.

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