Parts of the Last Post Were Real

As you have all figured out by now, my zombies post was part of the Blog Like It’s the End of the World. Now that we have all collectively beaten back the zombie hordes, I thought I’d mention that parts of the previous post were real.

We do have the shotgun I talked about. When Misty’s dad cheerfully told me how it had broken his nose and his dad’s nose and his dad’s dad’s nose, I determined that I’d never fire that thing ever. Not that I have ammunition for it — if you tried to put modern shotgun shells in the thing, you’d blow the barrel open. The shotgun used to hang in our guest room. When we converted it to Liza’s bedroom, Misty wouldn’t let me leave it in there. I even mentioned that it would be useful to have out when Liza started bringing home gentlemen callers, but no dice. Storme did point out that I’d be better off putting it in plain sight in the living room anyway.

Redstone Arsenal is close by, and did make and store chemical munitions once upon a time. They don’t any more, though.


And sorry, Amy and Jeff. I didn’t know your voicemail music was to throw any phone-using zombies off your trail.

Also: zoloooooolmbies!

5 thoughts on “Parts of the Last Post Were Real

  1. Well, I was trying to get into the part. I even went into it trying to method act my way out of it. I ate the right arm of the kid next door … I bet that little punk won’t keep hitting my car when he airballs the hoop now!

    [Wait, was that getting a bit too much into my character? Oh my.]

  2. So tonight … the Zombies song from Sufjan’s Illinois comes on. Heeeeeeeeee.

    I think the slideshow with music part of that performance is the piece of that show that sticks out most in my mind…

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