“The House is SO Beee-U-tee-full!”

For the first time ever today, I had someone come and clean my house. She did the whole house in four hours. As far as I can tell, it’s one step down from a miracle.

Eli decided he needed to take a nap before Jeanie left. So when he woke up the house was quiet and I was in Liza’s room dozing with her on my shoulder, pretending to burp. I heard his door open and he was muttering to himself, “The whole house is clean!”

He came and found me and said with much amazement and surprise, “Mom! The house is so beautiful and clean! Miss Jeanie did a great job!”

There you have it, my little OCD chip off the block.

2 thoughts on ““The House is SO Beee-U-tee-full!”

  1. Having someone come in and clean just the kitchen, living room, and the bathroom mad e such a difference when we were busy with a two month old, that I can just imagine how beautiful the house must feel.

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