The Fit is Crazy Efficient

I’ve been driving the Honda Fit (hereafter referred to as DRBOOM) for some 2,000 miles. I’ve been tracking its fuel efficiency for a while, but I haven’t posted anything about it because I wanted the engine to be more broken in before I said anything. At 2,000 miles, I figure it’s broken in well enough to give my gas mileage.

At the last fill-up, I had gotten 37 miles to the gallon.

Booyeah! That’s miles driven since last fill-up divided by the number of gallons required to fill the tank completely. I do a few things to help push that number up, like coast a fair amount when I can (thank you, manual transmission), and I do very little stop-and-go driving thanks to when I go in to work and where I live. But still. 37 miles to the gallon!

8 thoughts on “The Fit is Crazy Efficient

  1. I get, on average, 23 mpg in the WRX. That’s about what I got in my truck, so I can mostly swallow it. I call the cost difference between 87 and 93 octane “the fun tax”.

  2. 37?!?!?! 🙂
    One question that I do have for you is that now that you’ve driven a manual and you tote kids around in your car, is it that much more difficult for you to handle kids in car + changing gears? I hear that excuse used on a regular basis by parents on why they don’t want a manual, but since I’m not a parent, I don’t know how well that excuse really stands up.

  3. I am getting 22mpg in our Subaru Outback, which is pretty good considering it’s a heavy vehicle. But then, last year we put 4,000 miles on it so it kind of doesn’t matter what gas mileage it gets.

    I didn’t see this talk, but the concept is certainly interesting (and makes me, a low-mileage driver, eel smug):

  4. Kat: I haven’t had any trouble, but then I’ve never been the kind to turn around and fiddle with the kids. I figure, since I’m driving, I should pay attention to the road.

    Liza: Feel smug in that “since I smoke I can dramatically improve my life expectancy” kind of way?

  5. Well, but that mileage will decrease with your next fill-up due to hot-dogging by your dad, who loves to drive it! 😉

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