“I could smell the ozone in the kitchen.”

Hello, all. It’s probably always a bit alarming when I’m posting instead of Stephen or Misty. I just got off the phone with them, and they were having me help them figure out a recovery plan after a lightning strike hit the house. No fire, everything’s okay, the kids are fine.

The quote in the title? That’s what Misty said to me. As you might expect, I think every breaker in the house tripped. What did go down: most everything cable-related. Looks like the lightning strike took out their TV, TiVo, cable modem, etc. We were strategizing how they’d go forward on getting things fixed; I think they’re gonna borrow one of my TVs for a while, and maybe one of my TiVos. It’s all good. But I just wanted to let everyone know about it in case you were trying to have electronic communication with Stephen or Misty for the next day or two—things aren’t gonna go real smooth.

5 thoughts on ““I could smell the ozone in the kitchen.”

  1. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Homemade Tesla coils only end in tears.

    (Glad everyone’s OK!)

  2. I’m glad everyone’s okay. This hopefully will teach Eli and Stephen to keep the home electrical engineering classes to a minimum.

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