A Day with Mumsy

Our redneck water slide. We gave Eli a workout with this one. He probably went up the hill about 100 times to slide down it just like this. He ate two hot dogs at lunch and for dinner a grilled cheese and a pancake. I couldn’t get him full today so I guess he worked pretty hard.

Mumsy and Liza share a moment.

Liza is now officially teething. There’s no sign of an actual tooth but yesterday and today she chewed on her hands nonstop and drooled like a…what drools a lot?, babies, oh yeah, she drooled like the big ol’ baby she is. She’s not grumpy, she just has lotsa wet hands.

4 thoughts on “A Day with Mumsy

  1. Z had four teeth by his first birthday, 9 months ago. The nothing until last week, and now he’s suddenly got four more and a couple of suspicious buds. I had forgotten the drool. Oh, the drool.

  2. It definately made my month!!! Glad I got to meet Ely. after hearing soooo much about him. Glad I got to meet you and your Mom.

  3. katre mixed up the numbers…it was actually seven teeth by age 1, one in the seven months since, and then an explosion of teeth in a week. But he got the pattern right.

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