In the Hall of the Liza Queen

Liza, like all babies, is a tyrant. Her demands are few but inflexible. She will have naps when she decides to have them. She will have food when she is hungry. She will have members of her court entertain her when she grows bored.

We each have assigned roles. Misty is the chamberlain and cup-bearer (after a fashion). I am mostly the Lord of the Bedchamber, including baths.

Eli? He’s the court jester. Whenever he’s around Liza cannot look away from him. She stares at him and laughs, which only encourages him. This hasn’t yet reached the point where they entertain each other without Misty or my needing to be in the room, but a man can dream.

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  1. I still remember when Morgan and Grace started playing together without me. Morgan was about two. It was so beautiful. It’ll be here before you know it.

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