I Heart Legos

Sometime in the past week, my son has fallen in love with Legos. On Friday he played in his room with his legos while listening to books on CD for close to three hours.

My son, the extrovert, who thinks that he isn’t living a life worth having if someone isn’t watching and responding to his every eye twitch and vocalization played in his room by himself for around three hours.


I thought maybe it was a fluke due to it being my birthday and all. (Happy Birthday to me!) A pleasant respite from the nearly constant attention that Eli wants. But no, it happened again yesterday. I didn’t even suggest it. He went into his room and started up his own music and started building a “tower of power” out of Legos.

This morning? He came to me while I was still in bed to show me the thing he had build with the Legos for the little green men to play on.

I love Legos. They are my new favoritest thing in the whole world.

9 thoughts on “I Heart Legos

  1. That’s great… my son really didn’t take to legos, although my daughter did whenever I get them out. My son’s more into K’nex and magnetics… they’re easier for him to get into and deal with and less complicated.

  2. wait till you step on them in the middle of the night. lol
    we are overrun with legos. i love the original sets better than the themed ones especially for the older kids. yeah they build the toy once so that it looks like the tie fighter or ninja dojo its supposed to. but then it gets taken apart… or rather destroyed by smaller hands, pieces get mixed in with other lego sets, instructions are lost, and that particular model is never made again.
    so my advice it stick with the non specific sets. make them use their imaginations. lol

  3. Legos are the best! We had them as wedding favors, and I assure you, wedding guests find them almost as engrossing as toddlers, once you get them used to the idea of playing at a wedding. 🙂

    I agree about the theme sets–too limited. Although I had a load of space-themed sets as a kid, and realy enjoyed building all the spaceships.

    And happy birthday to you!

  4. I think legos make a great toy. It inspires creativity. The sets are also a great way for kids to learn how to follow written directions.

    My 7 year old son is nuts about Legos too. We just put up a blog for him last week, where he does video lego reviews and shares lego creations. It’s rather cute. 🙂 – http://www.LegoAdventures.com

    Have a great b-day, and have fun playing with legos too.

    Mom of a lego kid

  5. Woohoo! Our Christmas gift worked! Sean’s quite happy to hear that the next generation of children has another fellow lego lover in it. You can guarantee Eli always having new legos from this household. 🙂

  6. Hi Misty,
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