I’ve Heard about the Bumbo Recall, Thanks

Even my mom had to get in on the act this morning. She saw the recall on TV. So she called me to say not to set Liza on a table in the Bumbo. She was the fifth person I’ve heard it from.

So please don’t tell me any more horror stories about babies and fractured skulls and Bumbos.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Heard about the Bumbo Recall, Thanks

  1. Having read the actual press release on it, my understanding is that the seat *already* carries a warning not to leave the baby unattended and/or on a raised surface. The proffered remedy for the problem? Consumers are recommended to–gasp!–follow instructions. In addition, Bumbo, Int’l will immedately take action by issuing *new* warning labels stating the *exact same thing!* Which you can call and ask to have sent to you, in case, after all the brou-haha, you somehow still don’t know not to use the seat on a raised surface.

    Not to belittle 28 injured babies, but…oh, brother.

  2. Yeah, I started to take a photo of the back of the Bumbo because it clearly says not to set it on top of things.

    Which we have been doing. (Shame on me for not following directions!) But truthfully, she hasn’t been moving all that much. Only in about the past week have I thought to myself that she probably shouldn’t be sitting in it on top of things given the way she can now arch her back.

    Yeah, my response that is, “Wow! That coffee really is hot!”

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