Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton and Podcasters

Misty was nice enough to let me drive to Atlanta to see Jonathan Coulton in concert on Friday. Paul and Storm, who were half of the a capella group Da Vinci’s Notebook, opened for him. They gave up a capella songs just for our friend Liza, though they’re still doing very jokey songs, like their opener, “Opening Band”.

It was interesting comparing their style of musical humor to that of Coulton’s. Paul and Storm’s songs are often joke-with-punchline or musical style mashups. Coulton takes more of a folk rock approach, telling stories of people (and the occasional anthropomorphic object) and letting the humor come from the characterization.

The concert was lousy with podcasters, oddly enough. I ran into Bobby Blackwolf, the handsome and talented host of the Bobby Blackwolf show — and I don’t say that just because he had me on his show last year to talk about the Interactive Fiction Competition. And after the show, a guy handed me his business card and said, “Hey, we have a podcast about games that you should listen to,” to which my friend Brian replied, “Funny, we have a podcast, too.”

I did get to meet Paul, Storm, and Jonathan after the show, helped by the fact that Brian and Crispy were filming the concert for Yahoo! News. And, yes, I apologized for the terrible things we did with Jonathan’s music.

Stephen, Jonathan Coulton, Brian, Crispy, and Asai

(Thanks, Amy, for the pic)

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  1. okay, I hadn’t seen the video before or heard the song and it just kicked ass. Seriously, deeply impressive on both counts.


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