The Force is with Us All

A few months ago Stephen started playing Lego Star Wars with Eli. Then I started playing too. So now in the evenings, after dinner, we have a round of Star Wars. We played through the second game and have now digressed back to the original.

Because of our evenings at Dexter’s Diner, Eli had developed a love for all things Star Wars. He wants to play “shooters” all the time which consists of him making a gun out of any available parts in his room and running around with a Jengo Fett “buuuuppppp-buup” sound. He talks about Darth Vader like he might turn up for dinner one night. And his latest obsession is the high-jumping General Grievous. Say, what is it with bad guys, anyway?

Not too long ago I found Star Wars Kids. I hadn’t shown it to Eli yet because I haven’t had time to go through the site and figure out if it is age appropriate or not and to see if he can play the games, if it is. But in the meantime LanaBob! send us the link to the R2D2 translator. When I opened the link this morning and typed in Eli’s name, he came bounding into the office as soon as he heard it. If his ears could have been standing straight up they would have been.

“What’s that?”

“It’s R2D2. He’s calling you!”

“Why is he calling me?”

“I typed your name here and then hit this button and he called your name.”

“Mom, make him say, ‘I really, really, really, really, really want Darth Vader for Christmas’.”

“How about ‘Darth Vader is cool.’ because the other is too long.”

“Ok. Now make him say…”

It went on like this for about 20 minutes. I have to admit hearing R2’s beeps and whees is pretty entertaining. I’m not sure what that says about me as a mom. I mean other than I’m just as hooked.

3 thoughts on “The Force is with Us All

  1. been there,…. wait i’m still there. at one time we had a lightsaber collection massing into the double digits. david’s 7th birthday was a jedi party and everyone was to come in SW garb and if you had none then of course i was there with yards of nuetral fabric to whip up a tunic. i have great pics of about 15 kids in the greatest lightsaber battle our tiny backyard had every seen. he loves Gen G too. i think its all the arms.

  2. Always glad to provide entertainment! Maybe I’ll dress up as Darth Vader when I see Eli at Christmas…


  3. I love Lego Star Wars. It’s adorable.

    I saw Star Wars in the theater when I was six, and I quickly divided the world into two categories: 1) those things pertaining to Star Wars, and 2) all the other stuff, in about equal proportion.

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