Eating Out in Huntsville

Huntsville and Madison are fully stocked with chain restaurants, especially in the part of town where I work. When Misty and I eat lunch out on one of the days when Liza and Eli are in school, many of our options are ones like Ratherbee’s, Fettuccine Grille, or Uluru Steakhouse. There are native restaurants in the city; they’re just not right next to us.

We’ve decided to start seeking them out. Over the next few months, we’re going to try to eat out once a week in a local restaurant. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. F, Z, and I can certainly recommend that place we ate on the way to your house. A shame I can’t remember the name, but hopefully you remember us talking about it.

  2. I second the recommendation. It was a diner right on the main road we were taking to your house. I can probably find the name of the road if I look at my maps, but again, it sounded like you knew the general vicinity when we mentioned it.

  3. Sean and I’ll be glad to help you guys in this endeavor when we come out as admittedly, I’m spoiled with getting local food as much as possible.

  4. Ooo!! we’re also locavours as much as we can and are even doinga CSA at Doe Run Farms this summer. If I may be so bold to recommend a few places if you haven’t already tried them..
    – Sitar on Jordan Lane
    – Main Street Cafe in Madison on Main Street where else?)
    – Deutsche Kitche on Jordan Lane
    – Viet Houng by Madison Square Mall (TJMaxx shopping center)
    – Thai Garden in Five Points
    – Soul Burger on Bob Wallace
    – Charm Thai in Madison on Hwy 72 next to Indigo Joes
    – Bento Box on Hughes Rd in Madison

    Most of these are obviously ethnic but our favorite places!!

  5. We’ve tried everything on that list except, Deutsche Kitche, Soul Burger and Charm Thai. Thouse might be good places to start. Thanks for the suggestions!

  6. Some suggestions:
    -Ivy’s in Madison on Sullivan (I love the chicken livers here)
    -Hyung’s South Parkway by Donatos’
    -Greenbriar BBQ on Greenbriar road, there are 2. You want the one ON Greenbriar Road.
    -Wild Rose Cafe, only open for lunch in Downtown Huntsville. (I love this place but can’t get there often).
    -Mason’s also in Downtown Huntsville
    -Chef’s Table (little expensive, not for the kids. ~$45 for the meal for 2 I think)

  7. I can second Greebriar and offer a bit of clarification. The one you want is called Greenbriar Restaurant (informally known by most of us as “the old Greenbriar”). Greenbriar BBQ is the new one (oddly enough, run by the people who used to run the old one), and it’s not as good. I’ve never been able to figure that one out. You’d think the good food would go with the people and not the building, but the old one’s better. *shrug*

    In short, when you think you’re there, look around. Do you see I-565? If so you’re at the wrong one. Do you see farms and tractors and probably lots of trucks in the parking lot? You’re there. 🙂

  8. Taking my parents to the old Greenbriar is the one that led me to write my post on how to choose a good barbecue restaurant.

    Chris, I tend to prefer Jackson’s Family Restaurant over Ivy’s, mainly because I’m not fond of Ivy’s boiled-bland vegetables.

  9. Jackson’s Family Restaurant?
    I can’t say I’ve been there. According to google it’s just around the corner on Lime Quarry Rd. I’ll have to check that out thanks!

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